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My performance workout

My performance workout

After 7 years of body building I’m excited to be properly embarking on the next phase of my fitness journey. Where body building fuses with performance work.

Testing my body in a completely new way to see just how capable I truly am. That’s the beauty about fitness, you have a lifetime to try something new, make a change and find what you truly love.

I spent YEARS focusing on how I looked that I’ve fallen in love with how I move and what my body can do. Co-ordination, high level force, moving faster, stronger core, more agile… I adore it! I love the fact I’ve fused my love for body building to my love of performance in how I train now and I’m taking you along with me.

So here’s a gritty, messy hair, struggling workout that you’ll love!


❇️ Key Word: “superset” where two exercises are performed back to back with little to no rest.

✅ SUPERSET 1: Heavy load squats 5 reps paired with drop box jumps 5 reps 4 sets

✅ SUPERSET 2: Barbell Chest Press 5 reps paired with ball wall throws 5 reps 4 sets

✅ Posterior chain hold row 8 reps 4 sets

✅ Ball Knee tucks: 4 sets till failure