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GREEK AVGOLEMONO SOUP | a lemony chicken and rice soup (in less than 30 minutes!)

avgolemono soup recipe

This Greek Avgolemono soup is always a winner! Shredded chicken, rice, and a few simple vegetables are stirred into a silky smooth lemon-and-egg broth for a cozy balanced meal.

The ingredients are fairly simple, although, I will say I created a small shortcut. Instead of cooking a whole chicken from scratch to create the shredded chicken and broth, I'm using a rotisserie chicken and boxed chicken broth. I'm also using pre-cooked white rice. Hello meal prep!

Is this an authentic avgolemono soup? Technically, no, but it follows the same concept, with very similar results and flavor. You know me - I'm all for simplifying things as much as I can for a seamless (and easy!) cooking experience. Plus my version gets this healthy Mediterranean soup recipe on the table fast for an easy weeknight dinner meal!

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00:00 Intro
00:34 Meal prep some chicken and rice to make this recipe fast and easy
01:28 Dice the celery and onion
02:12 Juice fresh lemons
02:21 Saute the veggies in a pot on the stove, then add the chicken broth
02:54 Make the avgolemono lemon and egg mixture in a blender
03:41 Pour the lemon and egg mixture back into the soup, and add the chicken and rice
04:34 Serve up the avgolemono soup and garnish with fresh dill
05:02 Taste test

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