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6 EASY CHICKEN MARINADES | amazing chicken breast recipe + freezer friendly meal prep

chicken meal prep

Using a chicken marinade is one of the best ways to give your chicken breast recipe some big flavor and maximum juiciness. From a bright Greek lemon marinade, to punchy honey mustard, and everything in between - here's everything you need to know about making (and using) the best chicken marinades!

While I'm all for dry rubs for a savory top coat, chicken marinades have their own benefits. They're great for locking in your favorite flavors, tenderizing the meat, and keeping it ultra juicy as it cooks. That's especially important for when you're cooking up chicken breasts - because we all know how easily they can dry out.

In addition to chicken breasts, these marinades can be used for chicken thighs (my favorite), or even chicken drumsticks, depending on what type of meal prep you've got going for the week. So if you need some fresh dinner ideas (aka chicken recipes for dinner), watch the video and head to the blog post below for more sides and pairing options.

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00:00 Intro
00:38 How much chicken to marinate
00:48 How to make greek lemon chicken marinade
02:22 How to make cilantro lime chicken marinade
03:18 How to make honey mustard chicken marinade
04:15 How to make teriyaki chicken marinade
05:08 How to make fajita chicken marinade
05:51 How to make Italian chicken marinade
06:43 How to label Stasher Bags with markers for meal prep
07:59 How to bake (or grill) chicken after it's marinated
08:52 Store cooked chicken for easy meal prep
09:12 Taste test

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