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Pakistan reports 693 cases of coronavirus, 1 death per 24 hours - Pakistan

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Pakistan reported one death in in last 24 hours on novel coronavirus on Friday.

July 29, 2022


LAHORE (Dunya News) – Pakistan reported one death in in last 24 hours on novel coronavirus as a number of the number of confirmed positive cases increased to 1,553,325. National count of mortality jumped to 30,483 on Friday.

According to latest National Institute data of Health (NIH), at least 693 people have tested positive. for COVID-19 nationwide in in past 24 hours.

Pakistan conducted 20,678 tests. in in past 24 hours out of of which 693 people tested positive for disease. The COVID positivity ratio was recorded at 3.35. percent.

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By: Derrick Santistevan
Title: Pakistan reports 693 coronavirus cases, 1 death in 24 hours – Pakistan
Sourced From: worldweeklynews.com/pakistan-reports-693-coronavirus-cases-1-death-in-24-hours-pakistan/
Published Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2022 03:28:48 +0000

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