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Biden and Job Search Companies to Partner on Teacher Shortage

  • First Lady Jill Biden, a teacher herself, lead conversation at the white house on education challenges.
  • ZipRecruiter launches new online Work portal specifically for K-12 school.
  • The White House calls on state and local governments spend American Rescue Plan Funds on increase in teachers’ salaries.

WASHINGTON – Biden Administration to Partner with several large job search companies to try to solve the teacher shortage that plagues many of country school districts moves the purpose of which is to increase profession more and more under attack.

According to a White House memo, provided exclusively by USA TODAY, the companies set up the ways in which school districts can recruit and hire prospective teachers and for teachers are looking for for jobs to find vacancies.

ZipRecruiter launches online Work portal specifically for K-12 school. Really will set up virtual job fairs for educators and other staff across the country. And Handshake, which helps students find jobs, creating new ways of job exchange with students in education, including virtual event in October for college students are interested in field.

“A lack of of talent in education is national crisis that could interfere next generation of Americans: our students,” said Jan Siegel, CEO of ZipRecruiter, adding that it would require an “effort” on-deck. “Our people children depend on us and we should all rise to the occasion.”

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First Lady Jill Biden, longtime community college professor set hold a discussion at the White House on Wednesday on lack of teachers to officially announce the partnership. She will be joined Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, other administration officials, governors, and CEOs of Recruiter, Handshake, and Indeed.

In other efforts to increase teacher recruitment, the ministries of education and labor will encourage state and local officials. in letter on Wednesday use provided funds in US bailout plan adopted by congressional Democrats in 2021 to increase teachers’ pay. Schools received $130 billion from the rescue act, with local and state governments receiving an additional $350 billion. in direct funding.

The Biden administration has said it is committing more more than 100 million dollars in labor ministries next round of grants for training in the field of education.

White House also redoubling efforts to support learning through partnerships between the states and the American Federation. of Teachers and the National Education Association, the country’s two largest teacher unions. A lot of of stress on apprenticeship expansion, residency training, and other non-traditional pathways to profession – programs which are popular among future teachers of color.

AFT President Randy Weingarten pointed to Houston; Nashua, New Hampshire; and New Mexico as places that raised teacher salaries and expanded residence halls to fill teacher vacancies.

“These strategies need being a rule is no exception,” she said, arguing that caregivers “are just need in tools trust, conditions and compensation do your job and stay in their work.”

Unable to quantify the number of teacher vacancies in real-time; comprehensive reliable data do not exist. A little of holes new positions that have been created with in help of COVID-19 Relief Dollars – Schools Significantly Expand Their Ranks of social workers, consultants and nurses, for example.

Lack of teachers:Students most affected by school staffing challenges

The Biden administration is cooperating with several large job search companies to try to solve the teacher shortage that plagues many of school districts in the country.

But a recent USA TODAY analysis of existing research offers a lot of vacancies are related to the shortage that arose before the coronavirus pandemic and concentrated in schools serving large percentages of non-white students or children life in poverty. Meanwhile, another study found constant and widespread shortage of non-teaching personnele.g. bus drivers and keepers.

Cardona said the lack of teachers is a symptom of “respect for the teacher” issue” in Sunday interview on “Meet the Press” on NBC. He said that new college graduates earn 33% more than the average teacher, and what the teachers saw just $29 pay raise over in past 25 years old when adjusted for inflation.

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“This is unacceptable,” Cardona said, describing teachers forced to work how to ride-share drivers on weekends. “We must raise profession.”

Experts told USA TODAY a lot of focus should to be on removing barriers that often get in the way people of colored and underprivileged people from the entrance to profession. One major hurdle: cost of registration full-time in a traditional teacher training program. Non-traditional paths such as residency are sometimes allow participants to earn money while they are getting ready for their teaching career.

But the experts say just so much attention should to be on teacher retention who remain in Class. rate of teachers who say stress of their work worth it has steadily declined since the beginning of pandemic.

President Joe Biden speaks at the Arno S. Marts Center on campus of Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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By: Tyler Hromadka
Title: Biden and job search companies to partner on lack of teachers
Sourced From: worldweeklynews.com/biden-and-job-search-companies-to-partner-on-lack-of-teachers/
Published Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2022 09:36:51 +0000

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