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Bench Press & Shoulder Health

The shoulders are probably the most frequently injured area of the body for fitness athletes and no one wants to be forced to slow down their performance gains because of a shoulder injury. So, Master Coach Zach Long (@thebarbellphysio) has four exercises you can do to strengthen your
shoulder and get ahead of issues before they arise.

[1] Banded ShoulderRaises and [2] Scapula Angels are both great exercises to strengthen the posterior rotator cuff, a common component of shoulder pain when this area isn’t strong enough.
[3] Internal Rotation Diagonals hit the front side of the rotator cuff which is often overlooked in shoulder prehab.
[4] Arm Bars are great for building shoulder stability. Try 3x30 seconds with a heavy load that makes you work to stabilize the weight.

Stay tuned for more tips and techniques from our team to help you #buildyourbody

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