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5 Reasons you’re not progressing in the gym

5 Reasons you’re not progressing in the gym

5 reminders but also reasons you could not be progressing👇

✅ PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD ! I cannot stress it enough if you’re not adding more weight/ more intensity/ volume you won’t see the change you want. I recommend sticking to the same foundations but just intensify it

✅ FUEL: I really recommend adding more protein to your diet if you’re not eating enough, less snacks more proper meals ! It will also fuel your workouts more and help with recovery

✅ TOO MANY ISOLATIONS: your priorities isolations and not compounds so switch it the other way around! Isolations last but still important

✅ TRACK YOUR WEIGHTS: I was not doing this for so so long and I didn’t progress for a while the minute I started tracking it was a game changer! That’s why I added a tracker on the @evolveyou app and it was game changer

✅ STRUCTURE: your workouts are not structured it’s as simple as that. You cannot keep winging it if you want to see big progress you need some really good structure and purpose behind your workouts.

I hope this helps let me know 👇



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