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5 Habits That Changed My Life

5 Habits That Changed My Life

Habits that have truly changed my life and I hope will help yours 🤍

1. It’s a small win but one that’s helped me with mental fatigue. When you know what you’re wearing you don’t need to stress about it. This is why I made everything at @oneractive mix and match so you never need to stress

2. Meal prep! I have to always prepare meals. It just sets me up to succeed and also it saves money ! @womensbest protein powder is what I’m using in this video and what supps I use !

3. I can seriously bet my entire life… not even bantering that the moment you have a set gym program you will absolutely see your entire life change. That's why I ALWAYS have my @evolveyou app programs ready!

4. Clean space, clean mind so keep your area organised. If it takes less than 1 min to put away do it now not later

5. Finally waking up a little earlier just for me not to rush has been the biggest blessing! I used to wake up at the last minute and feel so anxious all morning.

Hope this helps and if you have a tip you want to share don’t be shy comment below 👀👀