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45 Minute Holiday Full Body 🥵

45 Minute Holiday Full Body 🥵

FAM! This workout had me sweating but loved it so I hope you save it and try it next time you’re traveling or short on time!

Powered by my team @womensbest BCAA and pre workout coming everywhere with go! Excited for their birthday sale which is going to be insane so be ready (MONDAY 1st August 5pm BST 🤘)

Circuit based 4 rounds / 30 seconds rest per exercise 3 min rest per round

1. Squat into Press: 12 reps
2. High Knees: 30 reps
3. Static lunge: 12 reps each leg
4. Jumping jacks with dumbbell front raise: 15 reps
5. Squat into dumbbell press: 15 reps



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