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What I read this week: New and Notable Edition 219


What I read this week: New and Notable Edition 219

Research of the Week

Meat and livestock are good for the world.

In people with hearing loss, hearing aids may reduce dementia.

Myo-inositol and selenium restore thyroid function to people with autoimmune thyroiditis.

The Medieval Catholic Church effectively splintered state power to retain its own.

Media headlines have gotten more negative over time.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Primal Health Coach Radio: Oliver Wood

Primal Kitchen Podcast: Katy Whalen on the Pitfalls of Perimenopause and Female Aging

Media, Schmedia

What can we learn from a 6000-year-old farm?

A battle over butter rages on.

Interesting Blog Posts

Human height in prehistoric Europe.

Anti-depressants and suicide in young people.

Social Notes


Everything Else

Eat like a pig to lose weight.

Runners should be lifting heavy things rather than doing plyometrics.

The vulva in Paleolithic art.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Well, well, well: Look what’s responsible for deforestation in the EU.

Another biomarker to track?: Plasma viscosity and heart disease.

Not good: Melatonin gummies often have way more melatonin than advertised. They also contain CBD for some reason.

Another longevity hack: Young plasma, old rats.

Interesting test: Do you pass?

Question I’m Asking

What “old person” tests do you track to make sure you’re staying young and fit?

Recipe Corner

  • Sriracha ranch dressing. Might have to steal this one.
  • Make your own natto.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 22 – Apr 28)

  • Easy Camping Meals You Can Prepare at Home—Eat well.
  • Dehydrating Food at Home: How to Get Started—How to.

Comment of the Week

“‘Do you think lab meat will take off?’

Let me paraphrase: ‘Do I think lab meat should be jettisoned into outer space?’

Yes, yes, I do. The sooner, the better


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