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THCB Gang Episode 92, Thursday May 19 1pm PT, 4pm ET



Joining Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) on #THCBGang at 1pm PT 4pm ET Thursday May 19 are delivery & platform expert Vince Kuraitis (@VinceKuraitis); Queen of all employer benefits Jennifer Benz (@Jenbenz); policy expert consultant/author Rosemarie Day (@Rosemarie_Day1); & back after a long absence dangerous radiologist Saurabh Jha (@roguerad).

You can see the video below & if you’d rather listen than watch, the audio is preserved as a weekly podcast available on our iTunes & Spotify channels.


By: Abdul Ghafar
Title: THCB Gang Episode 92, Thursday May 19 1pm PT, 4pm ET
Sourced From: thehealthcareblog.com/blog/2022/05/19/thcb-gang-episode-92-thursday-may-19-1pm-pt-4pm-et/
Published Date: Thu, 19 May 2022 18:33:16 +0000

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