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New and Notable: What I read this week--Edition 2225


New and Notable: What I read this week--Edition 2225

Research of the Week

People’s basal metabolic rates have plummeted mostly due to seed oils.

Taurine deficiency may drive aging.

Iberian and Levantine migrants taught North Africans how to farm.

The more safety gear a cyclist wears, the more drivers dehumanize them.

Metformin reduces the risk of long COVID. I imagine other methods of improving glucose metabolism would work, too.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Primal Health Coach Radio: Reena Vokoun

Primal Kitchen Podcast: Getting to the Heart of Your Stress with Dr. Dave Rabin

Media, Schmedia

How are they still wondering?

Tex-Ethiopian BBQ.

Interesting Blog Posts

Good overview of the effects of air pollution..

Evidence for the American Heart Association diet is almost non-existent.

Social Notes

On planks.

Everything Else

Are more studies always better?

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

The real divide between North and South Europe?: Processed food.

Interesting podcast: A look into the mind of Peter Singer, who thinks we should prevent predators from killing prey animals in the wild.

View from the other side: Letter from one of the “experts” pushing for a global meat-free diet.

View from our side: Reply to previous letter.

Excellent news: Whole milk may return to school lunches.

Question I’m Asking

Got any summer plans?

Recipe Corner

  • Tropical coconut pops.
  • Ambrosia salad, paleo style.

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jun 3 – Jun 9)

  • Consequences of a Sedentary Lifestyle—Big consequences..
  • How and Why to Start Rucking—Get moving.

Comment of the Week

In response to your Sunday with Sisson article about research. I address that very issue in my book, The Health Contiuum, a realisticea approach to improving your health. I have been working on the book for about 40 years, but hope to finally finish it this year. When I read your article, I thought, that is exactly what I wrote in a section I completed around 1995. It was a bit validating to have someone I respect and admire communicating the same message. Now I just need to get it done. Thanks for all you to help lead a better, healthier life. John Jesse.

-Finish that book!

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