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In Memoriam - Mighty Casey Has Moved On


Casey Quinlan, our friend and frequent TCHB Gang member, died today. She may have gone quietly but she for sure lived her life way out loud. It’s not unexpected; she was diagnosed with a recurrent stage 4 cancer two years back, and I was lucky enough to have dinner with her on a rare east coast trip last June. She was hoping to come to the West Coast late last Fall but was too sick to make it. It looked like things were getting better and she was on THCBGang in February but soon things turned and she spent the last few weeks in hospice. She leaves a huge hole in the patient advocacy movement and a huge wave of love from her friends today on Twitter. And she remains the only person who has come up to me after I gave a talk and shared a shot of bourbon from her hip flask at 9 am! The talk was about the US health care system. So we both needed it! We’ll miss you Casey… Matthew Holt


By: matthew holt
Title: In Memoriam: Mighty Casey has moved on
Sourced From: thehealthcareblog.com/blog/2023/04/25/in-memoriam-mighty-casey-has-moved-on/
Published Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2023 22:24:15 +0000

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