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How to build muscle mass fast - 3 secrets

How to Build Muscle Mass: The Next Level

Knowing how to build muscle mass takes more than just increasing your level of resistance training. In fact there are some secrets that fitness influencers use to get lean fast and we’re going to expose those in this article.

Just for the record while weight training serves as a critical foundation to increasing muscle mass, it’s really only the first step. Let me explain…

In order to gain lean muscle mass, your muscle tissue first needs to be put under some sort of tension. It needs to be engaged, usually repeatedly, to a high degree. This essentially causes the muscle tissue to stretch and tear. When it repairs itself, it builds new tissue, essentially “filling in the blanks” and increasing the overall size and density of the muscle.

For this reason, weight training is the first step in your muscle building efforts. You need to hit the weights hard and you need to hit them often. The usual results are usually seen with a weight-training regiment that is 4-5 days a week at a minimum of 40 minutes per workout. And don’t forget to

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You can definitely increase your effort depending on your goals, but make sure you’re giving yourself enough rest. Allowing your muscles to repair themselves during this time is key to seeing results.

But once you get your routine down, there’s a lot more you can do to build muscle mass…

Secret #1: Diet & How to Build Muscle Mass

How to Build Muscle Mass

Increasing your protein intake is an ABSOLUTE essential step in the muscle building process. If you talk to any fitness influencer they’ll tell you that they eat A LOT for their muscles – meaning they’re consuming more protein and calories overall in order to see real results.

Protein contains the building blocks needed for new muscle tissue (amino acids), while an increased caloric intake is required to support the energy needed for lifting weights and building new muscle.

You can increase dietary protein in a number of ways. Lean meats like chicken, fish, and turkey contain the greatest variety of amino acids, which means better overall support. Eggs, dairy products, and beans are also great options.

I also recommend starting your day with a protein shake using a high quality protein supplement like Optimum 100% Natural Whey which is devoid of any artificial sugars and is nice and plain so it doesn’t have other ingredients which can upset your stomach. If you’re trying to have a more plant-based diet then check out New Chapter Organic Plant Protein.

Secret #2: Recovery & How to Build Muscle Mass

Time for recovery and using advanced supplements is very critical to your success in building muscle mass. So the secret here is that you need to increase your amino acid intake with supplements that don’t come with a ton of crappy calories. These supplements are relatively inexpensive but very effective in helping with recovery. Sport BCAA Lean Muscle Building & Recovery is a totally tasteless powder you can add to any post workout smoothie and it doesn’t come with any artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Secret #3: Endurance & How to Build Muscle Mass

You’ve probably already heard about Creatine, and you may have heard that it can cause you to retain some water and feel bloated, but in fact, when and how to use Creatine is the real secret that is not talked about much.

Here is what this is all about, Creatine helps you build muscle mass by improving muscle endurance and strength, meaning you’ll get more out of every pump AND experience better recovery. The best time to have Creatine is when you are in the muscle growth phase. It DOES cause your body to retain extra water, but water helps transport nutrients to your muscles and that is the real power behind this supplement.

My top pick for Creatine supplements is Signature Creatine Performance & Recovery simply again because it is not filled with a bunch of crappy artificial ingredients like most are. As with most supplements it’s best to cycle it on/off every 3 months just to keep your body guessing and not getting into a constant phase of plateau.

Whatever you do to build muscle mass, make sure you consider these supplemental options. They can have a huge impact on your results and save you from a ton of frustration!

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By: Sam
Title: How to Build Muscle Mass Fast – Top 3 Secrets
Sourced From: weightlossandtraining.com/how-to-build-muscle-mass
Published Date: Mon, 07 Sep 2020 18:12:26 +0000

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