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50+ Foods with More Fiber than an Apple or a Bowl of Kale

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you already that fiber is great for you. Fiber is the secret to managing your weight without hunger. It can also help you feel better and is linked to a variety of lifestyle and health benefits. But, if you think reaping the benefits of this miracle nutrient means an eternity of kale and rabbit food, think again! It’s not just apples each day that can “keep the doctor away,” at all!

Fiber is found in a lot of foods, and a lot of different kinds of foodsfar more than just apples, kale and rabbit food. So if you don’t like fruits, that’s okay, and if you don’t like vegetables, that’s fine too. Really, no matter what your taste preferences are, there’s delicious ways to meet your daily fiber needs, and actually enjoy what you are eating, because there range of foods that contain good amounts of fiber is just that vast.

F-Factor bars and powders are an easy way to incorporate fiber and protein in your diet!

To illustrate just how wide of a variety of foods you can find with fiber, we’ve compiled a list of all different kinds of foods that contain the good stuff, and good amounts of it too, AKA more than what you’d get from that apple, or bowl of kale. And to hone our point even further, we broke it down into categories for you. Keep in mind that this list is far from exhaustive; 50 barely scratches the surface of the multitudes of high fiber foods out there for you to try!

The 50+ Foods List

FRUITS (FIBER FOODS 1-6)A serving of fruit is 15g of carbs, therefore the serving size varies from fruit to fruit. For journaling information for the following fruits, and additional notes, click the fruit name. 

AVOCADO (1 cup cubed): 10g fiberWhile considered a fat on F-Factor, avocado is technically a fruit. Watch the serving size on this one because fat adds up.

To journal (1 serving, 2 slices): 2g carb, 1g fiber BLUEBERRIES (3/4 cup): 5g fiberTo journal (3/4 cup): 15g carb, 5g fiber BLACKBERRIES (1 cup): 8g fiberTo journal (1 cup): 15g carb, 8g fiberGOOSEBERRIES (1 cup): 6g fiberTo journal (1 cup): 15g carb, 6g fiberPEAR (1 medium): 5.5g fiberOn F-Factor a serving of pear is defined as 1/2 of a medium-large sized pear. To journal (1 serving/ 1/2 large pear): 15g carb, 4g fiber RASPBERRIES (1 cup): 8g fiberTo journal (1 cup): 15g carb, 8g fiber

NON-STARCHY VEGETABLES (FIBER FOODS 7-13)Non-starchy vegetables are a free food on F-Factor, while they technically contain carbs, on F-Factor they are journaled as 0g carbohydrate. Unless otherwise noted, the serving size on F-Factor for non-starchy vegetables is 1 cup raw, or 1/2 cup cooked. For journaling information for the following vegetables, and additional notes, click the vegetable name. 

ARTICHOKE (1 large): 9g fiberTo journal (1 artichoke): 0g carb, 9g fiberBRUSSELS SPROUTS (16 Brussels Sprouts): 6g fiberTo journal (16 Brussels Sprouts): 0g carb, 6g fiberCOLLARD GREENS (1 cup cooked): 7.6g fiberTo journal (1 cup cooked): 0g carb, 7.6g fiber JICAMA (1 cup raw): 6.3g fiberTo journal (1 cup raw): 0g carb, 6.3g fiberKOHLRABI (1 cup raw): 5g fiberTo journal (1 cup raw): 0g carb, 5g fiber RICED BROCCOLI (2 cups): 6g fiberTo journal (2 cups): 0g carb, 6g fiberTURNIP GREENS (1 cup cooked): 5g fiberTo journal (1 cup): 0g carb, 5g fiber

NON-SPECIFIC PANTRY ITEMS (FIBER FOODS 14-25)Here we have your beans, peas and lentils, nuts, seeds, and grains. For serving size, and how to journal 1 serving of each food, click the food. 

BASIL SEEDS (1 Tbsp): 7g fiber
To journal (1 Tbsp dry): 7g carb, 7g fiber
BLACK-EYED PEAS (1 cup cooked): 8g fiber
To journal (1/2 cup cooked): 16g carb, 4g fiber
BLACK BEANS (1 cup cooked): 15g fiber
To journal (1/2 cup cooked): 16g carb, 7.5g fiber
BULGUR (1/4 cup uncooked): 5g fiber
To journal (2 Tbsp uncooked): 17g carb, 2.5g fiber
CHIA SEEDS (1 Tbsp): 5g fiber
To journal (1 Tbsp): 6g carb, 5g fiber
CHICKPEAS/ GARBANZO BEANS (1 cup): 13g fiber
To journal (1/3 cup): 13g carb, 4g fiber
COCONUT FLOUR (2 Tbsp): 5g fiber
To journal (2 Tbsp): 9g carb, 5g fiber
EDAMAME (1 cup, shelled): 10g fiber
To journal (1/3 cup shelled): 16g carb, 3g fiber
KIDNEY BEANS (1 cup): 12g fiber
To journal (1/2 cup): 20g carb, 6g fiber
LENTILS (1 cup cooked): 16g fiber
To journal (1/2 cup cooked): 20g carb, 8g fiber
OAT BRAN (1/3 cup): 7g fiber
To journal (1/3 cup): 23g carb, 7g fiber
WHEAT BRAN (1/2 cup): 12g fiber
To journal (1/3 cup): 13g carb, 8g fiber

PACKAGED FOODS (FIBER FOODS 26-50+++)These are the items that are branded. For simplicity, we broke this category up into further categories. For serving size, and how to journal 1 serving of each food, click the food. 


ALL-BRAN BRAN BUDS (1/3 cup): 13g fiberTo journal (1/3 cup): 24g carb, 6g fiberALL-BRAN ORIGINAL (1/2 cup): 10g fiber To journal (1/2 cup): 23g carb, 10g fiberFIBER ONE (1/2 cup): 14g fiberTo journal (1/2 cup): 25g carb, 14g fiberJULIAN BAKERY PROGRANOLA (1/2 cup): 12-15g fiberTo journal (2 cups): 0g carb, 6g fiber Different flavors, 14-18g carb NATURE'S PATH SMARTBRAN (1/2 cup): 11g fiber To journal (1/2 cup): 21g carb, 11g fiber POOP LIKE A CHAMPION (1/2 cup): 16g fiber This cereal is gluten-free and approved for Step 1 of The F-Factor Diet.

To journal (1/2 cup): 25g carb, 16g fiber


BRAMI ITALIAN SNACKING LUPINI BEANS (25 beans): 5g fiberBrami Lupini Beans comes in a variety of flavors. To journal each flavor (25 beans):

Brami Sea Salt & Vinegar, Garlic & Rosemary, Chili & Lime, and Hot Chili Pepper Lupini Beans: 5g carb, 5g fiber

Brami Balsamic & Oregano Lupini Beans: 6g carb, 5g fiberBADA BEAN BADA BOOM CRUNCHY BROAD BEANS (1 1-oz pack): 5g fiberBada Bean Bada Boom Crunchy Broad Beans come in a variety of flavors. To journal their Sweet Sriracha, Spicy Wasabi, Sea Salt, Mesquite BBQ, or Garlic & Onion Broad Bean Flavors (1 pack): 15g carb, 5g fiberDADA CHEESY CAULIFLOWER POPCORN FLORETS (1 bag): 5g fiberTo journal (1 bag): 10.5g carb, 5g fiberGG BRAN CRISPBREADS (4 crackers): 16g fiberTo journal (4 GGs): 24g carb, 16g fiberHARVEST SNAPS LIGHTLY SALTED GREEN PEA SNAP CRISPS (1 oz, ~22 pieces): 5g fiberTo journal (~22 pieces): 16 g carb, 5g fiberRHYTHM SUPERFOODS BEET CHIPS (1 1.4-oz bag): 7g fiber To journal the Rhythm Superfoods Naked and Sea Salt Beet Chips: 29g carb, 7g fiber. To journal the Rhythm Superfoods Pickled Beet Chips: 30g carb, 7g fiber.RHYTHM SUPERFOODS CARROT STICKS (1 1.4-oz bag): 10-11g fiber To journal the Rhythm Superfoods Naked Carrot Sticks: 29g carb, 11g fiber. To journal the Rhythm Superfoods Sea Salt Carrot Sticks: 28g carb, 11g fiber. To journal the Rhythm Superfoods Ranch Carrot Sticks: 28g carb, 10g fiber. TRADER JOE'S ORGANIC DEHYDRATED CARROTS OF MANY COLORS SNACK (1 40-g bag): 11g fiberTo journal (1 bag): 38g carb, 11g fiber


FIBER GOURMET CINNAMON THINABLES (1 1-oz package): 12g fiberTo journal (1 package): 21g carb, 12g fiber CHOCORITE LOW CARB CANDY BARS (2-pieces): 13g fiberAssorted flavors. To journal (1 package): 19g carb, 13g fiber F-FACTOR FIBER/PROTEIN BARS (1 bar): 20g fiberF-Factor FIBER/PROTEIN Bars come in 3 flavors: blueberry, chocolate and peanut butter. **All 3 flavors are gluten free**
To journal blueberry (1 bar): 25g carb, 20g fiber

To journal chocolate or peanut butter (1 bar): 24g carb, 20g fiber LILY'S SWEETS CHOCOLATE BARS (1/3 bar): 6g-10g fiberLily’s Sweets Chocolate Bars come in a variety of flavors. To journal each (1/3 bar): 

Lily’s Intensely Dark Extra Dark Chocolate: 10g carb, 6g fiber

Lily’s Extremely Dark Extra Dark Chocolate: 12g carb, 7g fiber

Lily’s Salted Almond Extra Dark Chocolate: 13g carb, 8g fiber

Lily’s Salted Caramel Extra Dark Chocolate: 14g carb, 7g fiber

Lily’s Sea Salt Extra Dark Chocolate, and Hazelnut Milk Chocolate: 14g carb, 8g fiber

Lily’s Extra Dark Dark Chocolate: 15g carb, 8g fiber

Lily’s Dark Chocolate Almond, and Dark Chocolate Coconut, : 15g carb, 9g fiber

Lily’s Salted Almond Milk Chocolate, and Blood Orange Extra Dark Chocolate: 16g carb, 9g fiber

Lily’s Dark Chocolate Original: 16g carb, 10g fiber

Lily’s Dark Chocolate Crispy Rice: 17g carb, 9g fiber

Lily’s Creamy Milk Milk Chocolate, and Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate: 17g carb, 10g fiberSMART SWEETS GUMMY CANDIES (1 50-g bag): 11-24g fiberTo journal each of the Smart Sweets:
Smart Sweets Peach Rings: 42g carb, 24g fiber
Smart Sweets Sour Blast Buddies and Sweet Fish: 42g carb, 22g fiber
Smart Sweets Fruity Gummy Bears and Sour Gummy Bears: 36g carb, 11g fiber


AL DENTE CARBA-NADA EGG FETTUCCINE (1 1/2 cups dry): 7g fiberTo journal (1 1/2 cups dry): 24g carb, 7g fiberBANZA CHICKPEA PASTAS (2 oz dry): 8g fiberTo journal (2 oz dry): 32g carb, 8g fiberFIBER GOURMET LIGHT PASTAS (2 oz dry): 19g fiber, 41g carbTo journal Fiber Gourmet Light  Elbows and Penne (2 oz dry): 41g carb, 19g fiberTOLERANT ORGANIC LENTIL PASTAS (3 oz dry): 9g fiberTo journal Rotini, Macaroni and Penne (3 oz dry): 50-53g carb, 9g fiber TRADER JOE'S CAULIFLOWER GNOCCHI (1 cup): 6g fiberTo journal (1 cup): 22g carb, 6g fiber


F-FACTOR 20/20 FIBER/PROTEIN POWDER (2 scoops, or 1/2 cup): 20g fiberF-Factor 20/20 FIBER/PROTEIN Powder comes in 3 flavors, chocolate, vanilla and unflavored. *All three flavors are gluten-free*

To journal chocolate or vanilla (2 scoops): 23g carb, 20g fiber

To journal unflavored (2 scoops): 22g carb, 20g fiberOLIPOP SPARKLING TONICS (1 12-oz can): 9g fiber To journal Olipop flavors (1 can):
Olipop Root Beer and Vintage Cola: 12g carb, 9g fiber

Strawberry Vanilla and Ginger Lemon: 13g carb, 9g fiber


Just because a food is high in fiber doesn't mean it's a free food. Only non starchy vegetables are free foods on F-Factor. The thing with fiber is that the more a food has, the more it brings the net carb down. But with foods that are high in carbs to begin with, the portion of fiber can only negate so much. Take note of the portion sizes and net carbs for these foods too.

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By: Jessica Rossman
Title: 50+ Foods With More Fiber Than An Apple, Or Bowl of Kale
Sourced From: www.ffactor.com/high-fiber-foods/
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